Tuesday, December 11, 2012

O'Hara Business Distributing Earth-Friendly Sealant

Pittsburgh Real Estate
Jim Campbell of O'Hara design and construction firm, JWCampbell

Wow.  Could pot holes be a thing of the past? Jim Campbell thinks so.  Jim's Atlantic Technologies Group has partnered with manufacturer Castraga Products to distribute a sustainable sealant called called Ecodur 201.

Made primarily of gypsum and natural castor plant oils, the coating provides a self-polymerizing system that lasts longer and costs less than urethane products.  Gypsum is one of the most plentiful products on earth and is 100% renewable.  Jim says the stuff is so safe you could even eat it!

Invented in the 1990's, Ecodur 201 was first used on Canadian ferry boat decks because it could withstand below-freezing temperatures. It is able to expand and contract rather than break and can be applied in temperatures as low a zero degrees.  At that time the product could only be applied manually which made it cost-prohibitive for many business uses.  But recent spray technology advancements have now made it cost-effective.

The list of possible uses is long.  Just to mention a few .....
-  Rubber roof coating will extend the life 10 years.
-  Interior liner for oil tanks.  Lasts longer and adheres better than epoxy.
-  Transportation
-  Drilling and fracking
-  Flooring
-  Roofing
-  Insulation
- Aeronautics
-  Commercial construction
-  Repair concrete parking decks, bridges, roads and POTHOLES!  The product sets so quickly, roads would not have to be closed for long periods while repairs were made.  It is sprayed and it sets and that is that.

Unbelievable but true.


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