Thursday, December 3, 2009

Olde Allegheny Gardens

Urban gardens are certainly gaining popularity these days. What better way to turn lemons into lemonade than by transforming the unsightly neighborhood vacant lot into a fresh, green garden?

“Olde Allegheny Gardens” on Pittburgh’s North Side is an impressive example of not only reinventing the space in a productive way …. The transformation included careful attention to colorful details which added enormous visual interest to the fabric of the neighborhood.

The Gardens were started in the early 80’s and currently have 40 or so 10’ x 20’ plots which are individually maintained at a cost of $30/year per plot. The same people can keep the same plot from year to year so long as they continue to maintain it and some folks have had their plots for over 10 years. Benches are provided so as to encourage the general public to walk through and enjoy the green space. Located at 1311 Arch St, the Gardens received the Community Greening Award in 2008 from Pennsylvania’s Horticultural Society.

Next time you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and see what a huge impact a little community spirit can make!

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