Monday, December 17, 2012

Check Out The New Stores In Bloomfield

D J Smulick talks to a customer in his specialty meats store.

Slow but steady, Bloomfield is coming into "hipness" of its own.

Take DJ Specialty Sausage & Meats at 4623 Liberty Ave for example.  D J Smulick, who lives in Bloomfield, was a chef at Cafe Sam, The Duquesne Club and Steelhead Grill before deciding to open up his own specialty butcher shop last summer.  He buys local as much as possible and showcases his own sausages in the shop.  Other than the fact that he does live in the neighborhood, Smulick choose to open in Bloomfield because he says its a place where people say 'hi' when they walk down the street.

Rachelle Timarac had a similarly off-beat reason for opening her antique jewelry store in Bloomfield just five weeks ago.  "There was just an electricity in the air and I got a really good vibe," she said about her experience each time she went to Liberty Ave to shop or grab a bit to eat.  Her shop, GoldNGals, has been a long-time dream of hers.

Timarac and Smulick's shops are just two of the fourteen new businesses that have opened in Bloomfield since 2011.

Councilman Bill Peduto explains Bloomfield's own particular brand of charm and hipness this way ... "Its where blue-haired old-timers meet the kids with blue mohawks.  Where if it snows, he will clear her walk and if she's making pasta, there's an extra plate for him."

I think Bill probably nailed it.

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