Monday, November 21, 2011

Fox Chapel Teen CEO of Her Own Company

Lani Lazzari, 17-yr-old CEO of Simple Sugars

17-year-old Lani Lazzari of Fox Chapel has dealt with eczema and other skin problems for years.  Because of this, she has spent more than a third of her life perfecting a formula for smoother skin.  Lani's first scrub creations were given as gifts when she was 11. Her mother, Gina Lazzari, asked her children to hand-make presents for family and friends. The scrubs were so well-received that Lani went on to create an entire line of body, facial and foot scrubs and Simple Sugars was born. She started with ingredients found in the family kitchen and still buys sugar at local grocery stores.

Simple Sugars is the Pittsburgh-based, all-natural skincare company she started in 2005.  She knew there were a lot of chemicals in other skin products and her instincts told her that if you can't eat it, you shouldn't put it on your body.  So her line is all about being natural.

She has had to give up many things that normal teens love, but she has been happy with her choices because she is passionate about what she is doing.

Simple Sugars offers 15 varieties of body scrubs (including special seasonal scents), four facial scrubs and a peppermint foot scrub. A 5-ounce jar of body scrub is $9.95, a 5-ounce facial scrub is $14.95 and a 5-ounce foot scrub is $9.95.

In 2010, Lani launched products for vegans, and, in June, introduced a line for men called Smooth. All products are made by hand in her home.

The products have been featured in Lucky Magazine, Teen Vogue, Allure and Self. Products are available online and at Giant Eagle Market District stores, Soergel Orchards in Franklin Park and So Me in Fox Chapel. Lani says she as sold more than 2,500 orders so far this year.

"I think it is really awesome," says mom Gina Lazzari, who works for her daughter. "I am so very proud of her."

Earlier this fall, mother and daughter embarked on cross-country trip from Sept. 15 to Oct. 27. The journey from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles included 26 cities where they shared the story with girls and women, encouraging them to follow their dreams and create their own opportunities for financial independence.
Simple Sugars Web Site

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